Rate of children who suffer from undernutrition in the areas where we work


Number of children we've treated for undernutrition since 2014


rate of recovery among children we treat

We identify, treat, and track the outcomes of children who suffer from acute severe malnutrition.

Guatemala has the fourth highest rate of malnutrition in the world. According to the World Food Program, up to 80% of Guatemalan children living in purely indigenous areas suffer from undernutrition. The western province of San Marcos where are operations are based is one of the areas most stricken.

MHI’s nutrition program treats children between six months and five-years of age and pregnant mothers who suffer from acute severe nutrition. The program collaborates with local distribution partners and is managed by veteran nutritionist and nurse Mario Diaz de Paz. Mario oversees a team of seven bilingual nurses from the region.

ONGOING treatment & support

In 2017, with the generous support of This Bar Saves Lives and its donation of Nutributter, MHI began treating children at risk for the sequelae of chronic malnutrition. Our goal is to target 3,000 children. 

local Partnerships & humanitarian aid

In addition to our ground operations, we also collaborate with local government health centers throughout the region to reach children in San Pedro, San Marcos, Sipacapa, Comitancillo, San Antonio Sacatepequez, San Miguel Ixtahuacan, and San Cristobal Cucho. In the municipalities of Concepcion Tutuapa and San Sebastian, MHI works with the volunteer organization Pastoral de la Infancia. In the municipality of Tacana, MHI is working with the Italian-based NGO Hermana Tierra and the Hospital de la Familia, a center in Nuevo Progresso that has been hosting American physicians on medical missions for 35 years. We supply the hospital's inpatient unit for severely malnourished babies.