We grow trust by meeting our patients where they are.

MHI has provided direct medical support to individuals served by partner hospitals and clinics since 2012. Dr. Ahrens also provides medical assistance and direct support through a diabetes clinic he co-established in 2012. Through Dr. Ahren’s consultation, MHI also provides sponsorship of acute medical cases, including transportation assistance to district hospitals, medicine, and the facilitating surgeries for children who need specialized support. Cases include surgeries for arrhythmia, cleft pallets, disfigurement, and paralysis. 


Midwives oversee the majority of births in areas we serve and expectant mothers have little to no prenatal care. With a donated portable ultrasound machine, MHI has trained nurses in the village of San Miguel Ixatan to identify high-risk pregnancies, which can become be fatal to mother and child. Through this initiative we have identified several such cases and were able to ensure these expectant mothers were able to deliver in a hospital environment. We expect the use of ultrasound will continue to have a positive effect on maternal and infant mortality among the people we serve. 


We recognize that the patients receiving treatment in our programs often have extraordinary needs. We pursue partnerships with other humanitarian aid organizations that specialize in critical treatments, not only advocating that our patients receive care, but scheduling procedures, facilitating their travel to treatment, and following up on their recovery. Some of the organizations we have collaborated with include: The Shalom Foundation, The Bethel Foundation, Helps International, and the Hospital de la Familia Foundation.


MHI remains flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of its partners. This means that we are open to supporting unanticipated initiatives that will yield high impact in the areas it operates. Past sponsorship includes a solar stove initiative whereby 46 families improved their breathing by not using traditional stoves that often cause lung disease and asthma, as well as provided a reliable and affordable source of fuel for heat and cooking. We’ve also sponsored a series of dental missions to the area.